How do you think Ivan Tugenev felt about nihilism in his book "Fathers and Sons?"

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I would say that Turgenev probably recognized how modernism and the nihilism that accompanied it challenged the Russian order and structure of the day.  In composing his characters, I think that there is a great deal of insight that Turgenev possesses in terms of reflecting how there is a natural collision between what is being espoused by the modernist and materialist youth and the spiritual and political belief systems of the older individuals.  The Russian belief with institutional religion as well as political order from the top down belies the modernist and youthful materialism and accompanying nihilism that is being espoused, causing a massive collision.  Certainly, Turgenev did not predict the future with the Russian Revolution, but he was able to articulate how this collision of values could serve to massively alter the Russian consciousness as both fathers and sons fail to fully grasp "the other" in the development of Russia as a nation and social order.

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