How do you think Hideo has changed and developed through out Warcross and Wildcard?

Hideo becomes more in touch with his emotions throughout Warcross and Wildcard, and eventually faces the negative impact of his work. When the series starts, he's a private person who doesn't really show his true emotions. But when he gets close to Emika, he starts opening up about how his brother’s kidnapping impacted him and becomes a sympathetic character. He thinks his quest for power is for the greater good, but he works to atone for what he's done.

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Author Marie Lu develops all of her characters a great deal between Warcross and Wildcard, and Hideo is no exception. In the beginning of Warcross, the reader does not know a lot about who Hideo really is. As his relationship with Emika develops, Hideos opens up more about his emotions, and it seems he is becoming in touch with his emotions himself for the first time. For instance, before having Emika in his life Hideo never really talked about his family with anyone, especially not his kidnapped broker Sasuke. But he tells his family’s story to Emika and even takes her to see where his parents live. This suggests that Hideo is reflecting on his own motivations for his work and learning more about who it is.

When the reader learns about Hideo's plans to control people’s minds at the end of Warcross, his character gets even more complex. Up until this point, he has grown to be more sympathetic and emotional, and all of a sudden he seems almost evil.

In the next book, Wildcard, Emika and the reader have to grapple with many mixed emotions about Hideo. As he develops in this book, it becomes more and more apparent that everything he does is rooted in what happened to Sasuke. He also holds firm to the belief that what he is doing is for the greater good. He ultimately is held somewhat accountable for the harm he has caused which suggests he is finally coming to understand the ramification of his quest for power.

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