The Kite Runner Questions and Answers
by Khaled Hosseini

The Kite Runner book cover
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In The Kite Runner, how do you think Hassan's life would have differed if he had not been born to the life of a servant?

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This is a very interesting question to consider. it is very easy to think about what Hassan's life could have been like if Baba had admitted that he was his son and adopted him for his own. Certainly, in a way, Hassan has more of Baba's qualities than Amir himself, and this is part of the rivalry between them, that Amir constantly feels inadequate when compared to Hassan. Amir certainly hates the affection that Hassan is shown by Baba, and in many ways, Hassan stands as a constant rebuke to Amir that he is not the kind of son that his father would have liked to have. Consider Hassan's courage in facing down Assef in the first meeting we are shown betwen them. Also consider the way that he is able to magically predict where the kite will fall. It is clear that he has the same courage and bravery of Baba, which would indicate that he could have been a great and well-respected man, like Baba himself.

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