How do you start an obituary? This is the first time i've had to write one and its on William Shakespeare

mudkipzarecool | Student

Obviously, one has to begin with the introduction to the person that is of concern. For example, you need to highlight their attributes (e.g. career) as well as most known achievements (e.g. qualifications). Then you have to state the date of the death of this person and then you can clarify the reason of death.

Here is an example:

"Ronald Donald, 78, a free-lance scholar and retired English teacher died on the 4th June in Winchester Medical Center. The cause of death was stroke"

This is only example. What you need to aim to do in the first paragraph is to give an informative introduction with no description, evidence etc, in order to implement the topic and then afterwards you can place greater description, cause of death, and opinions afterwards.