How do you solve this? Write the standard form of the equation of a circle with center (0, 0), given r = 8.

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The standard form of a circle's equation with  (-g,-f) as centre is :


The equation of the given circle with centre (0,0) and with radius  8 is (x-0)^2+(y-0)^2 =8^2.

Rearranging the equation, we get:

x^2+ y^2+2*0*x+2*0*y+(-64)=0, in standard form with g=0, f=0 and c=-64.

The simplified form is: x^2+y^2-64=0.

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x=0 y=0



x^2+y^2=64 or x^2+y^2-64=0.

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centre is (0,0) and radius=8

x=0 y=0

plug it in



x^2+y^2=64 or x^2+y^2-64=0.

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The general formula for equation of circles is:

(x-a)^2+(y-b)^2=r^2, in the standard form, where (a,b) is the centre and r is the radius.

Since centre is (0,0) and raidus=8

Sub numerals into equation

(x-0)^2 + (y-0)^2= (8)^2



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the equation of the circle with centre at the origin is given by


therefore, our equation becomes

x^2+y^2=64(since r=8)