How do you solve this equation? `14+2/(x-1)=10`

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Notice that the x is in the denominator. So, it must be removed in the denominator in order to have x only at one side of the equation.

To do so, multiply both sides by the denominator x-1.




Then, combine like terms.






And divide both sides by 4.



Hence, the solution to the given equation is `x=1/2` .

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`14 + 2/(x-1) = 10`

Now, `` `x-1 != 0` Therefore, `x!=1` .Ans.

Now, `2/(x-1) = 10 - 14 = -4`

hence;      `x-1 = (2/-4)`

 hence;     `x-1 = -(1/2)`

 hence;     `x=-(1/2) + 1`

 hence;     `x=(1/2)` Ans.

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