How do you solve the equation: 34-2x=14

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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator


To solve for the value of x,  we have to -2x only at the left side of the equation. To do so, subtract 34 from both sides.




And, we need to have x only at the left side. So, divide both sides by -2.



Therefore, the solution is  x=10.

Wiggin42 | Student


Another way you could do this problem is by dividing by 2 first:

17 - x = 7

Then you can easily see that x has to be 10. 

rsarvar1a | Student

I'll help by going through the step-by-step method.

34 - 2x = 14

First of all, we want to solve for x. However, we can't do that yet because we haven't simplified the equation. 

Firstly, we should gather like terms. To do this, we have to get 34 and 14 on the right side of the equation. We know that equal operations must happen. So:

34 - 2x - 34 = 14 - 34

- 2x = - 20

Now that we have a simple equation, we can use more equal operations (what happens to one side happens to the other) to find the value of x:

-2x = -20

-2x / -2 = -20 / -2

x = 10

Therefore, x is equal to 10.