how do you solve 5x-6/4+3>12  

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rcmath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

***Being clear is really important when writing this type of question. I'm unsure if the problem is (5x-6)/(4+3)>12, 5x-(6/4)+3>12, or (5x-6)/4 + 3>12.

***The above solution is correct if your problem was the first case situation. However, here's an important correction: solution is x>18 which is written as `(18,oo)` . Your answer is all numbers larger than 18, but not 18.

***If the problem is the last case I suggested then 

Hence solution set `(42/5,oo)`

edobro | Student

It's really easy.

First you know that 4+3=7 so you can write it down as: 5x-6/7>12

Multiply both sides by 7 and you have



5x>90 Divide both sides by 5 and you have your answer 


So for every value of x>18 we will get a result that works so this interval of x goes from (-∞,17], or the solution is for every x element 


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