How do you sketch 3 vertical planes that intersect in 1 line?

sewbsquared | Student

Wow!  It's tough to answer a drawing question without showing you.  The best way I know is to draw a straight vertical line first.  That's your line of intersection.

Now mark a large "X" near the top of the vertical line.  That's going to be 2 planes intersecting at this line.  Use one color for one line segment of the X (let's say blue).  Bring 2 vertical lines down from each endpoint the same distance (let's say 5 inches) and connect at the bottom.  You now have a blue parallelogram representing one plane.  Use a second color (red) for the other segment of the X.  Bring 2 vertical lines down from the endpoints (agiain, 5 inches) and create a second, red, plane.  The last plane is going to take a 3rd line segment through the X at the top (a third color - purple) on a different angle.  Bring the 2 vertical purple lines from the endpoints & join into the parallelogram.

What you should have is 3 colored planes (you could lightly shade each plane) and they all meet at the first vertical line.

Good luck!!