How do you respond to Douglass's situation and to the portrait he presents of himself as you read it today, more than a hundred and fifty years after it was written? 

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shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume that you’re talking about Frederick Douglass.

To answer this question you have to examine your thoughts and feelings as you read the account of his life.

What I was most struck by was how he came out of such a difficult situation with a positive attitude. He is able to look back on his life, a life that many would find psychologically devastating, calmly and critically. He does not rail on with hatred and a desire for revenge. In fact, he actually has kind words for former “owners” who treated him well at certain times in his life. He also does not give the details of his escape, something readers would have been intensely interested in, because it would have endangered others who helped him.

My overall response is one of awe.  It is amazing that a person can come through such an experience and live a life that is so beneficial to others. Most people do not approach his level of altruism, even those who have had no such obstacles to overcome. It is a testament to the strength of people who live by faith.

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