How do you research an important figure in order to have a successful and well-developed paper?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main task you have in researching a paper is finding reliable sources. Scholars make a distinction between primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are ones that are from your subject’s period and had first hand knowledge of your subject. A good starting point for investigating primary sources is reading works written by the person in whom you are interested. Numerous letters written by Queen Elizabeth and by Queen Victoria have been preserved and can be found by searching the internet. Next, you might look for works by people who knew them.

Secondary sources works written by later scholars using primary sources as their main evidence. These vary in quality. Books from university presses and articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals go through a rigorous process of review by experts and tend to be more reliable than internet sources.

The best starting place for research is your school library or a nearby public or university library. Libraries have reference librarians who can help you locate the materials you need to read to do an A paper.

the-little-master | Student

I would tell you to first of all tell you to research about them on the internet. the best website to gain a simple understanding about an important person would be wikipedia. Wikipedia alone isn't a good source. But to get started, it is the best website. Then you go into deeper research like you school, or local library and look up books on the person.

Then do some research on the internet, read from many different sources, compare them and you will be able to write a A grade paper for your assingment. Don't forget to add a bilbiography at the end and reference everything you use. is a good website to make bibliographies.

And dont forget. Dont cut and paste, that is plagiarism and marks will be deducted for that. But read from the sources and then write it in your own words.