How to do you put these in order -1, -12 ,12 ,11,-7,-14,9,3,0

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Since this list includes both positive and negative numbers, we can use the number line to compare them. The positive numbers are located to the right of zero, increasing in absolute value (the value of the number without its sign), in he direction to the right (1,2, 3, ...10, ...100and so on).  The negative numbers are located to the left of zero, increasing in the absolute value in the direction to the left (-1, -2, -3,... -101, .... -100 and so on.)


           -10             -2  -1   0  1    2   3                     10

If a number is to the left of another number on the number line, it is smaller. Then, for two negative numbers, the number with greater absolute value is smaller, because it is to the left on the number line. For two positive numbers, the number with smaller absolute value is smaller.

Therefore, to arrange the list in order from least to greatest, start with the negative number with greatest absolute value:

-14, -12, -7, -1 .

These are all negative numbers in the list, so 0 will follow. After that, positive numbers in increasing order:

3, 9, 11, 12.

The list arranged in order will be

-14, -12, -7, -1, 0, 3, 9, 11, 12.

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