How do you pronounce the name "Tituba" in The Crucible?

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Let us remember that Tituba is the name of the slave who is originally from Barbados and has ben taken to Salem to work. She has also brought with her knowledge of magic and charms, and she uses this knowledge to gain something of a following among the girls of Salem who want to know how to cast magic charms to ensure they gain the men they want to marry and the children that they desire.

The name Tituba, given this background, is most likely to be pronounced in the following way: Ti--too--bah," with the stress on the second syllable. Of course, we cannot be completely sure that it would have been pronounced this way, but this form of pronunciation makes the most sense.

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It is pronounced Tit uba but informally is pronounced tit Chu ba.I think it will help u a lot!

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