How do you pronounce Hecate and Siward?

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Good ole' Webster provides another possible pronounciation for Hecate: heh-kah-tee and heh-ket

How's that for multiple directions? - just about anything you say is correct!

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I have also heard the name Hecate pronounced various ways--in Macbeth it fits the iambic rhythm with the bisyllabic HECK-et; however, according to Enclylopedia Mythica found at the link below, the correct pronunciation is Hecate {hek'-a-tee} Greek, which places the accent on the first syllable.

As for Siward, the only pronunciation guides I could find all agree with the SEE-ward pronunciation.

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Siward is pronounced SEE-ward
I've heard Hecate pronounced two ways: Heck-ate and Heah-KAH-tae
My wiccan friends pronounce it Heah-KAH-tae, as do I. This pronunciation is closest to the Greek, but I've also heard it said that her name is disyllabic in the play, and I have frequently heard the first version. To complicate matters further, Shakespeare often left out parts of names to make them fit or rhyme, so this is definitely not a definitive answer.

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