How do you multiply fractions?

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A fraction consists of two numbers with a horizontal line drawn between them. The number written on top is called the numerator and the number below the horizontal line is called the denominator.

A mixed fraction is one which has both a whole number as well as a fraction. I'll give you the steps which will allow you to handle the multiplication of all types of fractions.

  • First, eliminate the whole number from the mixed fraction. To do this, multiply the whole number with the denominator and add it to the numerator. Now you have a fraction with just a numerator and a denominator.
  • To multiply two such fractions: multiply the numerators, the product you get is the numerator of the fraction you want. Similarly multiply the denominator, the product is the denominator of the fraction you want.
  • Now see if the numerator and the denominator have any common factor. If they do, cancel them. Do this for any common factors you can find.

The result you have is a simplified fraction which is the product of multiplying the fractions you wanted to multiply.

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All you need to do is multiply the numerator times the other numerator and multiply the denominator by the other denominator.

EX. 3/4 * 7/8 = 21/32


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You just multiply straight across

If it is a mixed number make it an improper fraction before multiplying

`2/3` x`3/5` = `6/15`