How do you make a thesis about the history of something?

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Writing a thesis about the history of something is not particularly difficult since it will probably fall naturally into some kind of chronology.  A thesis generally contains three main points outlined in a sensible order.  Consider several options for, let's say, writing about the history of the pencil.

One option is to literally start with the first crude version of the pencil up to the present-day mechanical pencil.  Break the time line down into three periods and go from there.

Another option might be to start with the original lead pencil and then give two major improvements which have been made to improve this writing device (for example, using graphite and the mechanical pencil).

You might also select the parts of the pencil (lead, wood, eraser) and discuss the changes which have been made over time in each part. 

An historical event can be divided by years, by key moments, or by people who had an impact.  A biographical history can be divided by years or stages of life.  Really, anything historical can always be dealt with chronologically, and that's where I'd begin.  Best of luck!

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