How do you make a character chart for the Hunger Games?

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acordes eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, I recommend deciding on the main characters that you would like to focus on.  You could divide your chart into sections by districts, by gender, or simply be a compilation of the characters you're interested in studying.

Next, you'll need to decide on the traits and other elements of characterization that you need to focus on.  Some students study the way a character looks, thinks, speaks, acts, and feels.  Those are some of the main elements of characterization.

Once you've decided on the characters and the elements you wish to study about each character, set up a table in your notebook or in your word processor with characters running down the left-hand column and the traits running along the top row.  Now, you can track the elements of each character as you read.

Be sure to check out the eNotes study guide for help deciding on the characters that you'd like to examine.

kathytieu8479 | Student

Make a table and write down notes and facts about each character you come across. The more important characters should be along the left side of the table, near the top. It helps to write down info on each of them while you're reading.

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