How do you know that the love between Bella and Edward is true in "Twilight?"

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It would be difficult to argue that the love between Bella and Edward is not valid and true.  Several reasons prompt this.  In my mind, the most overwhelming of these resides in how both characters wish to escape their condition to be with the other.  When it is evident that both inhabit different worlds that post a natural impediment for their affection to be realized, their desire to transcend this creates a setting where their feelings for one another have to be real and substantive.  They both dislike their conditions and are willing to abdicate them to be with the other.  Edward realizes the curse of being a vampire in that he cannot truly be with Bella, who for her part is ready and willing to sacrifice being a human in order to be with him.  The notion of wishing to transcend condition reveals that there is a conception of love present that is true and valid.  Additionally, there is also a sense of loyalty to one another present in Edward and Bella that seems to indicate the presence of true love.  Despite the circumstances that are thrown in their respective paths, one can tell that there is a genuine sense of loyalty and pure recognition of the other, revealing a source of true love.

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