How do you interpret Nora's final slamming of the door in A Doll's House?

Expert Answers
cybil eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ending of this Ibsen play is a powerful one that emphasizes the finality of Nora's decision to leave Torvald. She doesn't merely close the door to their relationship; she slams the door. That chapter in her life as Torvald's "doll" wife is completely over; Nora is never coming home. She has made her decision deliberately and explained it calmly to Torvald before she walks out, but the slammed door punctuates her statement with an exclamation point that she no longer suffer his treatment of her silently. Nora declares she is an individual first, and she leaves to pursue her life as one. The audience is not left wondering about her choice; we don't know, however, whether she will succeed in her new life as a woman who has abandoned her family.