How do you incorporate technology in your classroom.Using technology to teach literature can be rewarding and at times frustrating. In recent years, I have begun to incorporate multimodal writing...

How do you incorporate technology in your classroom.

Using technology to teach literature can be rewarding and at times frustrating. In recent years, I have begun to incorporate multimodal writing assignments in my literature classes. I was wondering what other interesting ways English teachers are incorporating technology. What rewards or disappointments have you experienced.

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I have experimented with using wikis as a format for students to work together and collaborate in producing a research proejct on a particular poet. This does have the advantage of allowing students to edit and collaborate together very effectively on line, and also gives them valuable teamworking experience as they need to work together to define what they are going to cover and who is going to be responsible for each element.

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Keep in mind that technology can go beyond the physical realm of your classroom.  For example, several years ago, I was introduced to Moodle, and after receiving training, I began to use it as a classroom resource.  Moodle allows teachers to have an online forum for their classes, and the software allows for interactive lessons, wikis, journals, workshops, and more.  The students can use it from any computer with Internet access, so the physical classroom isn't a barrier.

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Technology can be integrated into the classroom in numerous ways. It can be as simple as showing a two minute video on the teachers computer to using an Elmo or Smartboard. If you are lucky enough to have computers for students to use in your classroom then you have the world at your fingertips.

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lrwilliams | College Teacher | (Level 1) Educator

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If you have a Smart Board in your classroom the ways to incorporate technology into the classroom are endless. If you are not fortunate enough to have a Smart Board you will have to be a little more creative.

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I'm mostly doing continuing ed right now, but in my classes I enjoy showing relevent clips from YouTube. I use Tubesock to download the clips, though I know there are other free sites that do the same thing. It really livens up discussion to see something related to our topic...esp. when it's a humorous example of what I'm trying to illustrate.

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I have a Smart Board, and I use it on a daily basis for things from basic agenda for each specific class to power points instead of traditional lectures. One of the things my kids enjoy most is the interactive nature when we play spelling games like Bookworm. Every student in class is focused on the game, finding new words, helping others extend words by adding affixes, looking up newly learned words in the dictionary. They’re excited about spelling.

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