How do you graph each inequality on the number line? A) x<-1/4

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Since the statement is `x < -1/4` , you need to graph the inequaity on number line. You need to mark the origin on the number line and then you need to select a unit of measure, for instance, each unit measures 1 mm. Then you need to place `-1/4 = -0.25` to the left of origin.

Since the statement is `x < -1/4` , you need to place a circle that is not filled on `-1/4` . This open circle represents the fact that the value -`1/4` is not included. You need to draw an arrow that points to the left, since the symbol < could be seen as the top of the arrow.

You need to join the open circle and arrow with a thin line to represent the numbers for the inequality holds.

Hence, evaluating the interval of numbers for the inequality holds yields `x in (-oo,-1/4).`

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