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How do you get hold of Harper Lee? My teacher told me that if I get Harper Lee to respond back to me she would give me an A in the class.

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I can assure you that if you actually were able to get Harper Lee to respond to you, you would certainly deserve that "A." Miss Lee, 84, is a NOTORIOUSLY PRIVATE person; she gives very few personal appearances and refuses to discuss To Kill a Mockingbird. She also refuses most (if not all) autograph requests. She reportedly shares time living in New York City and with her sister in Monroeville, Alabama. You can try contacting her at the address below, but there is little chance that she will reply. Good luck.

Harper Lee
McIntosh & Otis, Inc.
353 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Grand Central Publishing
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (212) 522-7200
Fax: (212) 364-0926

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