How do you find the volume of a cone in terms of pi when given the height and slant hight? height=16cm. slant height=20cm.

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Apply the formula of volume of cone which is:


where r is radius of the base and h is height of the cone.

Since r is not given, use the Pythagorean formula to determine r. Note that the height (h), slant height (s) and the radius (r) forms a right triangle, wherein the s is the hypotenuse.








Since r represents the radius of the base of the cone, take only the positive value. Hence, r=12 cm.

Now that the value of r is known, plug-in h=16 and r=12 to the formula of volume of cone.




Hence, the volume of the given cone is  `768pi`  `cm^3` .

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a^2+b^2=c^2    b=radius









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