How do you find the norm of a vector?What a norm looks like compared to the vector graphically.

neela | Student

The  definitions  for the norm of different  types of norms could be combined and given as below:

Let  v  be an n dimensional vector  such that v = (x1,x2,x3,...xn).

Then  the pth norm of v  is given by ||v||p = | {|x1| ^p+|x2|^p+|x3|^p+......|xn|^p}^(1/p) .


v = (3,4).

To find the first two norms of the vector v.

||v||1 = {|3|+|4|} = 7

||v||2 = {|3|^2+|4|^2} ^(1/2) =  5.