How do you find the area of a right-angled triangle?

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Your question is non-specific so I hope that you are looking for a straightforward version.  The area of a right-angled triangle is calculated the same way as any other triangle's area if the information given relates to the length and breadth.

There is a base (b) and a perpendicular height (h).

In a right angles triangle the height is perpendicular anyway because of the right angle which means the angle is 90 degrees and so it is perpendicular to the base.

Area of a triangle is always `times (1/2)`

`therefore A = (1/2)b times h`  cm`^2` or in`^2`  etc. depending on the measurement you are using.

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To find the area of a right triangle, use the formula

`A=1/2 ab`

where A is the area and a and b are the lengths of the sides that form the right angle.