How do you feel when it rains?

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I like to go outside, and so when it rains I feel a little bit unhappy. When it rains everything seems to become more difficult. Cycling to work becomes a chore rather than a pleasure. Playing football with my friends isn't so much fun anymore, and of course inviting friends over for a barbecue is no longer very practical. Going to the beach and swimming in the sea is also not really an option when it's raining, and neither is having a picnic or sitting in a park with friends. I think most people feel a bit unhappy when it rains, because lots of things that people enjoy doing outside become much more difficult when it rains.

There are circumstances, however, when I feel happy if it is raining. If I fancy curling up with a book, for example, in front of a log fire, with a hot cup of cocoa, then sometimes the sound of rain outside can make the experience feel even more cozy and comfortable. I also quite like sleeping to the sound of rain outside. I find the sound quite relaxing. Sometimes I'm also happy when it rains because the rain is good for the flowers and the vegetables in my garden. I especially appreciate the rain, for this reason, if there has been a long spell of hot, dry weather.

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