How do you feel about the bombs in the car at Time Square in New York?terroristic threats

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I was horrified that something so evilly intended was able to be placed near such a busy and populated area. I also thanked God that the perpetrator was too stupid to understand how to successfully build and detonate the bomb for maximum damage.

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lrwilliams | College Teacher | (Level 1) Educator

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I am concerned that this incident will promote more efforts of terrorists in our country. We are lucky that a lot of things happened the way they did this particular time. I think it might show more "experienced" terrorists that it would be possible to carry out car bomb and suicide attacks in major metropolitan areas of the United States.

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besure77 | Middle School Teacher | (Level 1) Senior Educator

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It is incredibly terrifying. It's very scary to know that many innocent people, including children, could have died. Thanks God the plan didn't turn out as planned.

I think we need to be VERY aggressive in the war against terror-zero tolerance. I think this will deter some of these kinds of acts but some people are so extreme I don't think it will matter.

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The reason we don't have more of this kind of thing in the US is because we don't tolerate it.  Our police force, government, military are highly trained and don't usually take bribes to look the other way and put the general public in jeopardy.  In countries like Iraq where this is the norm, the opposite is true. 

Yes, it's terrifying.  But this is why we need to be strong in the war against terror...this way of life does not have to be the norm in any country, but people have to stand up for a better, more pleasant lifestyle.  In America, we are used to living in relative safety.  We are not accustomed to bombs blowing up daily and planes flying into buildings on purpose.  We know a better way of life, and we are willing to fight for that way of life.  In other countries, many people have never experienced a day without this sort of terror, and for them it's the way life is.  Sad, really.

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It's a good thing that he was both an amateur and apparently short on funds. He purchased some low-grade fireworks in Pennsylvania that apparently did not (or would not have) burn properly. Luckily, that plane was stopped before he got away. Hopefully, he will spend the rest of his life in prison--probably in solitary confinement since many prisoners would love to get their hands on him.

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I think the bombs in the car in Time Square was disgusting and terrifying.  I found it disgusting because the man who did it did not care who he would have harmed.  I don't understand extremists who care only about vengeance and pain.  How does killing make the world a better place? 

I found it terrifying because it show how easily someone can try to harm large groups of people.  The fact that you can go on the internet and learn how to create and set off a bomb is scary.  I also think of the people who had to deactivate the bomb.  They risked their lives to save hundreds and maybe even thousands of people.  Their heroics should be applauded. 

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It's kind of scary, but what I really think is that I do not understand why it has not happened before now.  It seems to me that there is no way that a free country like ours can possibly prevent people from creating car bombs (I assume that you can makes ones that actually work with stuff that you can buy).

It just seems to me that it would throw us into chaos in a way that one big attack like the one in 2001 didn't.  Imagine if they did one a month in random places around the country.  So I hope there is some reason that I don't understand that prevents them from doing it...

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The attack is a sad reflection of the chaos caused by America's cavalier post-war foriegn policy. When America is prepared to face some hard truths about its continued unethical behaviour abroad, then maybe it can start to find ways to reduce the threat of attacks. Here is a very very long list of coutries that America has invaded since 1890. Carelessly dropping megatonnes of bombs on people tends not to make them like you.

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I think it's completely horrifying that such an attempt can happen in present day.