How do you factorise: 16-25(a+3)(a+3) (5x-y)(5x-y)-(y-3x)(y-3x)

oldnick | Student


`=[(5x-y)+(y-3x)][5x-y)-(y-3x)]= `




oldnick | Student



`=[4+5a+15][4-5a-15]=` `-(19+5a)(5a+11)`

pramodpandey | Student


16-25(a+3)(a+3)     (i)

since we can write

16=4 x 4

25= 5 x 5

Also we know


therefore given question reduces to



`=4^2-(5a+15)^2`  ,

let x=4 and y=5a+15












`=4x(4x-y) `

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