How do you explain the meaning of a dialogue quote?For example, how do I explain a quote like: "You, you with your face bent to the ground, do you admit, or deny that you did this?"(Antigone).

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some points of reference for analysis might include:

  • THE SPEAKER: Who said this quote? Why did they say it? What type of character are they? Was it typical or unusual compared to their original character traits?
  • THE TONE: Is the speaker using a friendly, angry, malicious, or cordial tone? When you label the quote with a tone, you might consider why they are saying it. Which words are charged with emotion?
  • POETIC OR LITERARY DEVICE: Are there any metaphors or similies? Is language used literally or figuratively or both? What is the connotation of the speaker's words as compared to the dennotation? Are there repetitions or parallel ideas? What effects do these devices have on readers or an audience?
  • CONTEXT: What else is going on right after or before this quote is said? With whom is the speaker speaking? Why?

Each of these are worthy questions that could lead to a few sentences of analysis and interpretation. Maybe a sentence about each would fulfill your assignment's task.