How do you ensure that effective feedback is provided to students after their assessments?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited.  I would suggest that there are a variety of ways in which feedback can be given to students regarding their work.  The assessment process is dependent on feedback being given.  One way is through informal dialogue.  There are "coaching" techniques that can be given through simply speaking with students.  They could be observational comments such as, "I noticed that you are rushing through your work a bit..." or something along the lines of, "How are things going with the project? I know that one of our goals is..."  Rather, open and simple dialogue with students can help to clarify expectations and ensure that the construction of quality work products is a part of the work process.

Another example of how feedback is given is through the use of rubrics.  Feedback can be given in clearly identifying aspects of a rubric for student completion of work. The reinforcing of this through using it as the metric to gauge student comprehension helps students harness energy in work completion.  At the same time, the returned work with areas of the rubric highlighted can help generate greater understanding in expectations and gear discussion towards enhancing student work quality.

Finally, I think that the use of technology can be essential in the feedback process.  If an online gradebook is used and this has the capacity to enter comments, teachers can generate a narrative of feedback that helps to detail a wider picture of student achievement.  While it might take some time, if students and parents are able to view online comments about student performance, there is a clearer understanding about expectations and about student achievement. Comments in this fashion can help to generate worthwhile feedback that makes students stronger in the long run.  All feedback is geared towards this process, something that is not final.  Rather, feedback helps students to understand that learning is a process and not solely product based.  These techniques can help to ensure that feedback is effective towards this end.

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