How do you solve for n? n/33=19

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kjcdb8er eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In math x, y, n, or any other letter stands for a variable. A variable is an unknown quantity that represents some actual number (or numbers), but we often don't know what it is yet.

In an equation, both sides of the equal sign represent the same number, once all the math is done. So saying n/33 = 19 is the same as saying 19 = 19; we just don't know yet what number n divided by 33 equals 19.

An equation is like a see-saw: if an extra person gets on one side, then someone who weighs the same has to go on the other side to keep the see-saw level. So you can add, subtract, multiply, or divide any number to one side of the equation as long as you do the exact same thing to the other side.

So, to solve for n in n/33=19, we want to get n all alone on one side.

n/33 = 19

33*n/33 = 19*33            Multiply both sides by 33

1*n = 627                     33 divided by 33 equals 1

n = 627

And you can check: n/33 = 19 --> 627/33 does equal 19

sbinkowski eNotes educator| Certified Educator

n/33 =19

In these basic equations, you can simply ask yourself, what number when divided by 33 will give you 19. If you can't think of what that is, think of a simpler question.

Take the equation n/2 = 5. What number when divided by 2 equals 5? Well... 10 divided by 2 will give you 5. Right? How could you get 10, using the numbers 5 and 2? You can multiply.

Let's go back to your problem: n/33=19. We will simply multiply the numbers 33 and 19. Multiplication is the opposite of division (which is the operation in your problem). To solve any equation, you do the opposite of what is there to solve it.


eblount eNotes educator| Certified Educator

n/33 = 19

First you must isolate the variable(get n by itself).  n/33 means n divided by 33.  In order to get n by itself you must multiply n/33 by 33/n (you flip it and multiply).  This will cancel out the 33 and leave n by itself on that side of the equation.  And what you do to one side of an equation, you must do to the other side of the equation - 33 x 19, which will equal 627.

n/33 = 19

33/n x n/33 = 33 x 19

       n = 627


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malkaam | Student

solve for n? n/33=19

n like x is the variable here, in order to solve it we need to isolate it,

n/33 = 19

n/33 * 33 = 19 * 33 (multiplying both sides by 33)

n = 627 Answer

Now input this value in the equation to verify the answer,


627/33 = 19

19 = 19

LHS=RHS proved. 

udonbutterfly | Student

n/33 = 19

In order to solve for n we are going to multiply the denominator or the 33 on each side in order to cancel the 33 out and get n by itself.

Doing this you will get:

33 x (n/ 33) = (19) x 33

n = 627 Now here you have it, the answer!

jess1999 | Student

n/33 = 19

To solve this equation , first multiply both sides by 33 since you have to try to get " n " alone by itself to find what it equals .

By multiplying 33 on both sides your equation would look like this :

n = 627 which is your answer

nisarg | Student


to find n multiply both sides by 33



parama9000 | Student

Multiply 33 to both sides.



n/33= 19

so you want the unknown variable on one side, and in order to do this you have to multiply both sides by 33

on the left the 33's will cancel because 33/33 =1

n= 19 *33

n= 627

zumba96 | Student


So to solve for n you would have to cross multiply


with cross multiplication; 19x33 = n1

Therefore, n=627

atyourservice | Student

`n/33=19 `

`n/33= 19/1 `

cross multiply

`33 xx 19 =n xx 1 `

627 = n

Wiggin42 | Student


33*19= 627


The way to undo division is by multiplication. 

nicole8923 | Student


33*19= 627


Yojana_Thapa | Student

n/33 = 19

To get n alone you do the opposite of what's done. Since it is n/33 you do you times it by 33.

19 times 33 = 627

n = 627

You can even plug It in the equation to find out if it equals 19.

627/33 = 19

laurto | Student


multiply both sides by 33


*33    *33

n=19*33= 627

neela | Student

The expression n/33=19 is read ," n divided by 19 equals 19"

In ordinary sense this can be asked: Which number if you divide by 33 gets 19? The answer is 33*19=627.

Solving the equation:

Given, n/33=19 .

An equation remains balanced if you multipls both sides by the same quantity. So multiply by 33. 33 is chosen ,because at make the denominator vanish at least.




LHS: 33*n/33  finishes to  n  as mutiplying  any number and then dividing the product  by same number   is as good as retaining the original number.