How do you divide fractions?

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We are asked to explain the process of dividing two fractions.

To divide two fractions, we need to change the division problem to a multiplication problem. We can do that by flipping the second fraction and changing the division symbol to multiplication.

To multiply two fractions, we multiply the numerator of the first fraction with the numerator of the second fraction, and the denominator of the first fraction gets multiplied with the denominator of the second fraction. Then we simplify the fractions by canceling any possible common factors.

Let us divide two fractions:

`3/4 -: 1/24`

First of all, we will convert our division problem into a multiplication problem by flipping the second fraction and changing the division sign to a multiplication sign:

`3/4 ** 24/1`

We can see that 24 is divisible by 4, as 24 is 6 times 4. So we can simplify it as follows:

`3/1 ** 6/1` `=>` `=>18`

Therefore, the answer to our division problem would be 18.

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