How do you diagram these sentences:1. Both the girl and the horse looked at each other in fear and anger.2. His neck and flanks stung with sweat.

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I'll identify the parts of speech for you. That will help you to diagram the sentences yourself.

Both(adj.) the(adj.) girl(n.) and(conj.) the(adj.) horse(n.) looked(v.) at(prep.) each other(indef. adj.) in(prep.) fear(n.) and(conj.) anger(n.).

  • girl and horse are a compound subject
  • at each other is a prepositional phrase used as an adverb to modify the verb looked
  • in fear and anger is a prepositional phrase used as an adverb to modify the verb looked

Start your diagram like this: girl (and) horse| looked

Remember to place your adjectives and adverbs on slanted lines under the words they modify.

Now, try to do the second sentence by yourself.

Visit the sites linked in the sources section for more information and tips on diagramming.

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Main line: Both (split for girl and horse which are dual appositives) | looked

Under each of girl and horse, add diagonal line with the word the on it.  Under looked, put the two diagonals for "at" and "in".  On a flat line to the right of "at" put other with each on a diagonal under other, and from in you wil need to branch for dual objects fear and anger.