How do you desrcibe Percy in the first four chapters and these other people?   Grover Mr. Brunner Mrs. Dodds Nancy BoboFit    

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In the First Four Chapters...

Percy; is a troubled 12 year old kid with ADHD and family issues

Grover; is a crippled, scrawny, weird kid (percy's best friend

Mr.Brunner; is a middle-aged teacher in motorized wheel (Latin teacher)

Mr.Dodds; is a 50 year old math teacher from georgia who always wore a black leather jacket

Nancy BoboFit; is a freckly, redheaded bully

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Percy does not expect much from his life.

Grover looks like a vulnerable target in school.

Mr. Brunner help Percy while Mrs. Dodds make his life tough.

Nancy Bobofit makes Grover and Percy's lives' miserable.

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in the first 4 chap percys irritated with his life and  does not have anything to look forward to excect meet his mom .he also finds a good friend in grover .

grover is a crippled scared and an easy-to-bully target.percy is always seen protecting him or trying to

mr burner is the cool latin teacher who is trying to help to help percy with his problems

mrs dodds is a maths teacher trying to ruin percys life.she always favours nancy bobofit

nancy bobofit is a stupid redheaded bully whos always picking on grover and percy .cold have been the daughtes of ares