How do you convince your parents you deserve a dog in a persuasive essay?

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you truly want to persuade your parents, then you must put yourself in your parents' shoes.  Your parents feel they have very strong and definite reasons why they do not want a dog in the house at this time.  What are THEIR reasons for not having a dog? Choose their top three strongest arguments and then aim your arguments at diffusing their reasons. For example: If your mother asks who is going to take care of the dog and the messes he makes, you might want to come up with a schedule that you and your siblings could share the responsibility and outline possible consequences if you do not live up to the agreement.

A persuasive essay should have three strong reasons.  If you do not have three reasons, your argument is not strong enough. Here is a suggested outline for your paper.

First paragraph: Explain the problem and acknowledge that you understand that they have reasons.   Detail their reasons here so that they are aware that you have been listening to them.

Second paragraph: Restate their first reason and diffuse it..

Third paragraph: Restate second reason and diffuse it.

Fourth paragraph: Restate their STRONGEST reason, and diffuse it.

Final paragraph: Sum up your reasoning and ask for their consideration.  DO NOT PLEAD!!!  You want to attack this from the attitude of reason, not emotion.