How do you convert a Word document into a PDF file ?

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

PDF or portable document format was created by Adobe Systems and is a well recognized format to exchange documents. The file created when any document is converted to the PDF format looks exactly like the document would if it were printed. In addition, the PDF file can contain links to external sources or to sections of the same file making navigation very easy.

To convert a word document into a PDF file you can either install Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or the Microsoft Office Add-in called Microsoft Save as PDF. Installing Adobe Acrobat or the Microsoft Office Add-in mentioned earlier automatically creates an option in MS Word that allows conversion of the word document to PDF format. In addition, if Adobe Acrobat is installed you could use the print option in MS Word and save the Word file as a PDF file. If Adobe Reader is being used the conversion is done by a web-based service provided by Adobe.