How do you conduct an experiment when investigating the effectiveness of different hand sanitizers (gels/hand wash)?Please include control variables, risk assessment, equipment, measurements ect....

How do you conduct an experiment when investigating the effectiveness of different hand sanitizers (gels/hand wash)?

Please include control variables, risk assessment, equipment, measurements ect.

Also I will need two methods and then compare them (which is more reliable ect.)

Thanks! :)

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When conducting an experiment to prove which of the following is better at doing what it does, you will need a control variable and an experimental variable.  Here the control would be no use of sanitizer while the experimental would be the different sanitizers used.  I would use swabs on the hands of the subject to capture bacteria samples, swab the hands without sanitizer and introduce to petri dish with agar.  Then, use  hand sanitizer, and swab after to obtain bacterial sample.  Introduce this sample to another petri dish.  Grow both cultures under the same incubation conditions for the same time.  All those factors would be control factors.  Use a microscope to analyze the bacterial growth.  This could be done with several different sanitizers to evaluate the results.

Another method would be to swab the hands untreated, as before to obtain the control culture.  Introduce this swab to several different petri dishes with agar, incubate for a specified time, so as to cultivate bacteria in all the dishes.  Then, use one as a control, not treating it at all, but introduce different sanitzer samples to the other dishes.  Allow them to incubate for another specified period of time, then analyze the bacterial growth in each.

sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1st method

The most effective method will be mixing the culture medium(microbiological culture) with different hand sanitizer and then incubate different micro organism and incubate it for 24Hrs.

After incubation look for the any culture.

This experiment can be conducted with different culture medium and with different sanitizer.

The basic culture medium is Nutrient media. compare all the plates for any growth will give you idea of best hand sanitizer.

2nd method

Prepare different nutrient media plates and incubate with a specific microb and allow it to incubate, after incubation treat it with sanitizer and then again incubate and observe for any lysis of growth.

If the lysis of bacteria is observed in a massive amount then the sanitizer is a good sanitizer.

In this method we can conduct exp for a specific sanitizer with different microbes, and a also with specific microbes with different sanitizer. Comparing the results will give the idea of best sanitizer.