How do you come to this result, my final amount comes to 11701.2728 cm3 instead? Where am I going wrong? Thanks  

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embizze eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To determine the capacity of the beer jug, we'll have to compute the volume of the conical frustum:

, where r1 is the radius of top diameter and r2 is the radius of bottom diameter.

We'll calculate the radii r1 and r2:

r1 = 14.6/2

r1 = 7.3 cm

r2 = 12/2

r2 = 6 cm

The height of the conical frustum is: h = 28 cm.

Now, we'll calculate the volume:

Now, we'll convert cube centimeters in liters.

We know that 1 cubic centimeter = 0.001 liters, therefore the liter capacity of the beer jug is of 1.242173 liters.

The original answer of 1.242173 liters appears to contain an arithmetic mistake.


If you do not round pi you will get 11707.2078555/3=3902.4 cm^3
If you round pi to 3.14 you will get 11701.2728/3= 3900.4 cm^3

so the answer should be approximately 3.9 liters.

snake-za | Student

Here is the link to the original equation.