How do you choose the "perfect" college?Is there some type of special research or something to be done, or what?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A person must keep in mind a few different things when choosing the perfect college. First, one person's idea of a perfect college may not be another's. Second, the programs the college offers is important. If the college looks fun, but does not offer the classes one needs to pursue their career path, then the college may not be perfect for them. On the other hand, if a person is only looking for a place to meet people and "party," then the choice does not need to  be determined based upon subject matter. Third, the location of the college may be an important factor for some. Fourth, cost can be another determining factor. Lastly, the scholarship options may be something one researches in order to find the perfect college.

Essentially, the research which needs to be conducted can be done by looking at different colleges one is interested in. For example, if one is interested in law, then the first thing they would need to do is research colleges/universities which have law programs. Next, after collecting all of the colleges names, one would need to look at the specifics of the college/university: cost, scholarships, location, student life, etc (basing the research upon the qualities one finds important). After narrowing down the list, one could create a chart detailing the pros and cons of each school. Based upon the results, one may have just found the perfect college for him or her.

One last suggestion, college/university visits are crucial to understanding the life on the campus.

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