In a 2000 meter race the winner takes 40 seconds to reach the end point . What is the velocity of the winner?

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The velocity of an object is the displacement in a unit interval of time.

In the problem, we assume that the track is a straight one and 2000 m in length. Here the winner takes 40 seconds to cover a distance of 2000 m.

So the velocity is given by (2000/ 40) m/s

=> 50 m/s

Therefore the required velocity of the winner is 50 m/s.

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We'll write the formula for the velocity: the distance travelled/time taken.

From enunciation, we know that displacement: d = 2000 m, and the time taken, t = 40 s.

We'll just have to substitute the data into the formula:

the velocity of the winner = 2000 m/ 40 s

We'll simplify and we'll get:

v = 50 m/s

The velocity of the winner to reach the end point is v = 50 m/s.

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