How do you calculate the percent error of a 25mL graduated cylinder?I measured 10mL of water

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator


To measure the percentage error for the amount of liquid that you have gathered using the 25mL graduated cylinder, we can use this formula:

percent error =  maximum error/value of measurement x 100


maximum error= is the value written in the apparatus (i.e. `+- 0.1 mL)`

*try to look for that value in your graduated cylinder

Value of measurement= is the amount of substance that you used, in our case its 10mL


Let's just say that maximum error is equal to `+-.3mL.`


` `

We can have:

percent error= 0.30 mL/10 mL  x 100 

                 = 3% error



note: Please provide the maximum error for the apparatus that you are using in order for you to calculate the percent error.


Hope this helps :)