How do you argue the Bay of Pigs from a  postrevisionist perspective? Specifically with primary (CIA documents) or secondary sources?

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The postrevisionist persepctive about the Cold War is built around the belief that neither the US nor the USSR was at "fault" for individual actions or events of the Cold War.  Instead, all Cold War events were either escalation or decline of tension stemming from the individual actions of the leaders of the countries.  The Bay of Pigs invasion was planned under Eisenhower and exectued under Kennedy.  The planned overthrow of Castro was to appear to be conducted by Cubans who had immigrated to the United States.  However, after Kennedy assumed office, Fidel Castro discovered the plot.  Kennedy was informed that Castro knew about it, and chose to execute it anyway without the protection of air coverage.  This, according to Stephen Ambrose in Rise to Globlaism, was Kennedy demonstrating his "wimpophobia". He refused to look like a wimp, therefore would not back down from the plan.  This concept is also discussed in We Now Know by John Lewis Gaddis.

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