To Autumn Questions and Answers
by John Keats

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How do you apply the Ecocriticism approach to John Keats's "To Autumn?"

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At the outset, I think that it should be noted that Keats might not readily accept any sort of literary theory with social or political implications attached to his work.  Keats's entire aesthetic philosophy differed vastly from someone like Byron or Wordsworth in their political leanings. While Romantic thinkers usually did not have a problem applying their work to political or social contexts, Keats always seemed distant from doing so.  He was more animated about the aesthetic of the work and pursuing an ability to delve into the negative capability of his own thoughts.  While I think that there is much in way of an Ecocritical approach that can be taken in analyzing "To Autumn," it might not be something that Keats himself would openly embrace.

In applying an Ecocritical approach to literature, some basic definition is needed. The Ecocritical approach to analyzing literature seeks to establish the tendencies of environmental understanding to a particular work:  " [a] study of...

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