How do I write a summary in a three paragraphs essay? how the end of oil will effect americans in the future. what type of effect we as americans face. What can be done to easy the difficulties we face.  

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Based on your prompt, I would try to determine the focus of each paragraph by creating a brief outline or brainstorm web. For example, brainstorm how the end of oil will affect Americans, and then brainstorm your ideas for what we can do to ease these difficulties. I think the information you develop will give you the content for two paragraphs. However, I’m a little confused about the second question; it seems very similar to the first question. Do you have different ideas about these two questions? If so determine your two different focuses as you approach the questions. I would organize your paragraphs, simply by writing a paragraph for each question and presenting those paragraphs in the same order as the questions.

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