How do I write a strong essay on the topic of "fantasy is preferable to reality"?Emphasis on gaming and cyberspace

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whenever one is given an "outside the box" topic, one should write an essay that deviates from what is expected.  So, the writer can compose a review of the new games and their desired effects, indicating how they are preferable to reality.  For, nowadays if a person is realistic, psychologists will diagnose him/her as clinically depressed, and no one wants to be so depressed. 

Or, the writer can compose a satiric essay if such a genre is one's penchant.  As a point of reference, there once was a movie entitled True Romance in which Brad Pitt's character was constantly under the influence of marijuana.  So, when Mob hitmen came to find out where his friend was, he invited them in and was friendly and helpful to them.  As a result, the hitmen thought Brad's character was such a fool that when they came back another time, they did not shoot him or harm him in any way.  Using this example, if the writer composes a satiric piece about fantasy being preferable to reality, she could emphasize the safety of retreating into a game, describing the game, and contrasting it to what the person would be engaged in otherwise.  For instance, playing ------- keeps one from thinking about being unemployed, etc. and, thus, prevents one from the harmful effects of anxiety.

(The thing about satire, is to be outrageous, but act as though you are serious.)  

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If your thesis is that people escape reality in cyber space, you might also use other games as examples. There are many MMOs (massively multi-player online games) like Everquest or Star Trek Online that allow people to create an avitar. They can use these aviators to "live" a fantasy inside the game. You might support your claim that fantasy is preferred by listing specific examples from games like the ones listed above or from the Sims. For instance, you can earn money in some games. Unlike in the real world, this money can be used to buy things like space ships or other fantasy objects that are obviously not available in the reality. You could also show how easy it is to create your ideal image in an avitar. Your avitar will never need to go on a diet; all you need is the click of a mouse and they can be whatever you want them to be. Although I don't personally play this type of game, it is easy to understand the appeal.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Th fact that people in poverty spend a large portion of their income on entertainment is good evidence for this topic. Some people wonder how a poor person can spend money on TVs, MP3 players and phones. This is the reason why. You might want to consider that in writing your thesis.