How do I write a research paper of on 750-1000 words on character analysis?Okay Im perfectly capable of writing a normal essay, but I've never really written a research paper the size of this one!...

How do I write a research paper of on 750-1000 words on character analysis?

Okay Im perfectly capable of writing a normal essay, but I've never really written a research paper the size of this one! We were reading a book To Kill A Mockingbird & Im doing a character analysis on Scout. Scout is my favorite character so this should be easy..but how do I put character analysis in a 750 word paper? I barely know what character analysis even is! Help!

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A good way to begin this character analysis is to find quotations about and by the character. You are going to need these quotes when you write the essay, and it will help you plan your characterization and support it in the essay as you write it.
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A character analysis could be easily orgainzed into paragraphs about character traits. Think about the character traits Scout possesses.  I would come up with 6-7. Then, to craft full paragraphs, make sure you can think of two scenarios that portray each trait. So let's say one is that Scout is brave. Find a good quote from when the kids go to the jail that night when the mob arrives, and another good one from when she sneaks out with Jem to go see Boo Radley and Jem ends up catching his pants on the fence.

Use two sentences of analysis for each quote you use throughout your essay.

Conclude your paper with combining the character traits of Scout and imagine what type of adult those will create.


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Character analysis is easy if you place a character name in the middle of a piece of per and then write things that come to your mind when you think of their name. Use lines and extend them out from the character. Jot down things like memorable quotes, personality, what they thought, what others thought of them, what they did, what they wore, any memorable things they did, etc. If you can fill out a page, then great. A character analysisis basically what you think of a character and how that character fits into a theme of the story. After you have all of your information, try to come up with a theme that the story relates. Your thesis could be several points of the character and how they are important to to the theme.

Then jot down what you wrote on your paper and try to put soem points into the outline of a research paper. Use the follwoing guide for your paper, and you will see how easier it becomes, when you realize that all you need isw justa  aparagraph or so about each section. 

Your sections should be:  Identify the subject;  Explain the problem;  Provide background information;  Frame a thesis statement;  Analyze the subject; Examine the first major issue; Examine the second major issue; Examine the third major issue; Discuss your findings;  Interpret the findings; Provide answers, solutions, a final dramatic opinion; 

You don't necessarily need three issues, you could have less or more depending on what you write down on your paper. By filling in the outline, you will soon see that everything should start falling into place and it doesn't take much writing to fill pout a research paper.

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