How do i write a Personal Response on Eiléan Nií Chuilleanáins poem "Following" ?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Don't panic when asked to give a 'personal response' to a poem - it is a lucky question to be asked, because what you are being asked for is your own opinion, perhaps with some examples to illustrate your points. Eilean ni Chuilleanain is still a relatively unknown poet so you have a blank canvas on which to etch your own views about her poem. We all bring a diffrerent set of life experiences to each work of literature, song or piece of music and that colours our own personal experience of the piece. So talk about the effect the poem had on you (perhaps line by line, the title, what you already knew of the poet's background, the mood, any message you picked out) how you felt at the beginning and whether anything had changed by the end.

As you read and make notes, collect words or phrases that led you to these conclusions and afterwards reflect on the effect they had - did they remind you of anything? Is anything in your own experience chiming with the poet's message? It would help to read a little of her life, background and influences to inform your thinking and perhaps get you musing on the meanings communicated in her work.

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