How do I write good essays for Hamlet?

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When writing an essay for school or any scholarly platform there are many different approaches that you can take. Some of the things that you should always make sure to do is cite evidence from the text to back up your analysis. If you are writing from a prompt, then you need to make sure you start with a strong thesis. You do not need to write a lengthy introduction. Usually you can get by with writing a two sentence introduction. In your opening sentence you should always make sure to TAG it. TAG is an acronym for Title, Author, and Genre. For Hamlet you would write that, In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare many themes are evident. This lists the genre, a play, the title, Hamlet, and the author, Shakespeare. From there you need to answer the prompt with your own analysis. If the prompt ask for a compare and contrast of characters, make sure you show both similarities and differences. Always support these findings with textual evidence from the play itself. Always lead the essay back to major themes.

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