How do I write a critical appreciation of a poem?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Writing a critical appreciation of a poem is really no different than writing a critical appreciation of a work of prose. Start by reading the poem. You may find it helpful to mark any parks that particularly interest you or any parts you think you could expound upon. Look for things that the author did that you can discuss in detail. For this type of critique, you will need to offer "either a rebuttal or a suggestion of further expansion" (see eNotes link below) on what the author has said rather than a summary of the poem. With a poem, it might be easier to focus on the author's use of literary techniques. Was his/her rhyme scheme effect in the progression of the poem? Did his/her word choice add to the aesthetic appeal of the work? Did he/she use any other literary techniques like similes, metaphors, or paradoxes? For a critical appreciation, you will need to find several different areas that you can comment on. These might not be things that you personally liked, but they are areas where you can appreciate the artistry.