What is a good character analysis for Sergeant-Major Morris in "The Monkey's Paw"?

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sagetrieb eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A character analysis, like any other essay of literary analysis, needs to engage a theme of the story rather than just the plot. In other words, rather than just provide characteristics of what Morris does that contributes to the plot, try to devise a thesis sentence that something about how these characteristics contribute to the theme of fate or of the human desire to have more than they do at the moment.  Enotes offers this as one theme of the story:  "It is human nature to want what one cannot have, and to undervalue what one does possess. Another common truth about the human condition is that people's best qualities often turn out to be their worst: the characteristics that can save them on the one hand can be their undoing on the other." How do Morris's traits, such as being a worldly man, contribute to the meaning of the story.  His worldliness tempts the family, for example? 

mrsgiri | Student

Sargent Major morris had a link with the whites for 21 years or so and he is a soldier in India.. he got the monkey's paw from a man who had killed him self by wishing for it and he had also used the monkey's paw. He is a good man as he wanted to destroy the talisman so that it would not cause harm to anyone else